SOLD!: Harley Davidson FXR Black Death Replica and some funky looking shelves!

This is great news. As is the case here at CARPEntryDIEM, interest in the actual bike is global.
With the custom FXR already on the way to the buyer, we are certain to collaborate on another Black Death Replica soon, in addition to other bike designs. I use collaboration loosely since my tiny paint job is only the icing on a very badass cake. And I am quite glad Mickey Rourke's goons didn't come to get me.

For no apparent reason, let me now confess my love for FX Series Sons of Anarchy. Over at Hollywood Reporter I read some exciting teaser news about the hit show's upcoming season 5. It couldn't be of much interest if you are not into the show, but my revelation may explain the sudden enthusiasm for working with a custom motorcycle fabricator . . . even a tangential involvement in bike production has always been a fantasy for me, kind of like being a NYC bike messenger.

Today was full of great news. My bookshelf at Hip Thrift also sold, unpainted.
On Monday I plan to build another with similar properties, after a round of wood scouring down by the river. The next one will probably get paint on the shelves to pretty them up a little bit. Today was a sidewalk event at Hip Thrift with live music and putt putt and treats for the kids. I dropped by and it was definitely hopping.

Is anyone interested in having the next bookshelf fully documented as a tutorial? Please let me know.
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  1. Congratulations on your sales! That's pretty exciting, and your bookshelf seems to have moved very fast. (Not that I'm surprised --- it looks great.) I'm looking forward to seeing the next driftwood shelf.

    1. Thank you! Just a clarification - although I do find a lot of wood "down by the river," it's not driftwood. That's just where a lot of run-down industrial real estate lies in Asheville. Sometimes you will see an abandoned lot with a pile of scraps for the taking.

    2. I've thought on this a bit, and decided that it ~is~ driftwood. Discarded wood or fallen deadwood does not have to drift at sea to be driftwood. It can drift through the hands of many people and find itself in a soggy woodpile before someone happens upon it and declares it to be of value.