Hip Thrift Updates: Nifty table is on the floor.

Not too long ago, I hinted that I might document the construction of a new bookshelf to be sold at Hip Thrift. It's funny how things get in the way, in this case literally. While I was building the shelves, Amy Williams was sanding down the top of a sweet old wooden table. And then somehow this table ended up back in the middle of the workspace. I thought, "Let me paint this thing and get it out of my way, then I'll paint the shelves . . ."

Well, I still haven't painted the shelves.
The table took on a life of it's own.
I thought, "This is a classic table. I'll paint it white."
Then I thought, "Those little circles could really make it pop," so electric blue.
And then, "The legs look bare now . . ."
"Now the top needs some color," and I speckled it with blue and teal.
And then, inspired by painting outdoors. Above, the raw painting is in progress.

Following that were olive and milky glazes, sanding and distressing, and many layers of clear coat. A worthy picture will find its way here soon, but I brought it into the shop tonight by the light of a streetlamp.
So check back for the finished product in all of its refurbished glory.
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>>> daylight

>>> in detail


  1. I love the tree silhouettes! (Well, to me everything looks like trees --- you might have meant it to be something else. :-) )

    1. Tree silhouettes they are! It was something that just fell into my lap. Don't you love those moments?