Corner Bookcase is here

The twelve slats from the futon frame are marked for layout and assembly.
After using the six odd boards from the reclaimed futon frame for my personal experiment, it's time to move on to the production piece.
The twelve members to the right are used to assemble the newly designed corner bookcase.

Each of the twelve remaining boards measures 51-3/8 x 2-1/2 x 3/4 (inches).
Four members compose the basic frame for each half of the corner bookcase.
Two similar panels are constructed as above, and interlocked below.
The two basic panels are blocked out together to rest for square and fit.
The back half of each shelf is then attached.
The detail shows how the panels interlock after the final two members are added to each panel.
This detail shows how the two pieces of the frame interlock.
The Corner Bookcase via the sawdust filter...
The connection is made with dowels so that the case can be split apart and transported.

The first bookcase, made from the six odd-sized members, illustrates the idea of giving objects plenty of space within the shelves.
If you give the objects enough space, as above, there will also be room to hang small art pieces within and around the two frames. I will move the Corner Bookcase into Hip Thrift tomorrow, so look for the update.

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