A Tale of Two Woodpiles {and the Hip Horse}

I will start the tale with the Horse. Now that my role at Hip Thrift is becoming more tangible, I have been granted occasional use of a new used van for the hoarding of the woodpiles.
A dead tree is prepared for its next life as furniture and sculptures.
Last week, someone finally brought down the axe on an old rotting tree in their front yard. And I swept in to pick up the pieces. Pun intended; it's one of those days.
As layers of bark were peeled away to aid in seasoning the dead wood, a crystallized grub was found wedged between the layers.
This is a weird crystallized dead grub.
Another grub is very alive and chewing through the yummy soil-like portions as the dead wood slowly decays.
And this grub was quite alive. Which brings me to a burning question: how can I be sure that this beautifully eroded wood is ready to work once it has been seasoned? I thought of cutting it into small enough pieces and cooking out the critters in my home oven. I also thought of bartering with a local reclaim outfit to use their kiln in exchange for the lion's share of the wood. Has anyone tried to do this on their own? Please leave comments!
This ratty chair was also found on the scene of the crime. What sayeth this forked tongue?
The larger pieces have decayed to just the right state to produce interesting burls, so I am very eager to start seasoning it. I even wonder if some aggressive chainsaw slicing might be good enough for removing all of the little buggers . . .

Now the coolest part of this story is how I met the creator of the Bottitudes. It's her tree in her yard. I always get permission before scrapping, so when we got to talking Susan shared her creations. Look for these funky little raku-glazed bots soon at Hip Thrift.
Susan Lee created the Bottitudes, and this is the mothership.

My son is with me on Spring Break and the next story got him all excited. I have been scoping out construction jobs and scrap piles and finally corralled the boss on this one down on Waynesville Ave.
The foreman of this construction project has allowed CARPEntryDIEM sole scrapping rights on this job site. Hooray!
The foreman is more than happy to let me raid the scrap pile for the duration of construction.
Don't worry, this young man is learning the valuable ways of scrapping, and he is paid a living wage of root beer floats.
And my son is more than happy to get down to it and load some scrap! Call it shameless child labor if you'd like, but does get paid . . . in root beer floats . . .

Whether it be dead trees or seemingly useless piles of scrap, we are on the lookout for wood. I will be sure to put it to good use!
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