Hutching a Plot: Clover's Rabbit Hutch Pt. II

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In case you are wondering, yes I have a contract with Clover.

We left off with an array of boards reclaimed from Sierra Nevada.
magic number 16 displayed on two critical future siding boards

From the first stack of wood I salvaged from smaller pallets, I set to making structural members. Using the rip fence on my trusty little circular saw, the heavy duty supports were ripped in half.ripping down heavy-dut pallet supports to salvage for use in a rabbit hutch
This yielded twelve sticks at 42" to use for framing.
drips are caught on an unfinished painting from an AAAC painting party
As I went, selecting boards to fill in a complete sketch and ripping where required, the wood was painted to finish prep.I chose a dark purple from the return section of a local mega-chain hardware store. I usually try to snag my paint from these racks at a big discount.
boards salvaged from Sierra Nevada pallet lumber are stacked after painting
 The idea is to provide a complete base coat on all surfaces of the untreated lumber, even unexposed end-grain cuts when possible. The final coat will come from only half a quart of a brilliant red, which should create a streaky, rustic finish as it fights to cover the darker purple.first step toward framing, front and back frames are painted on end grain and countersink holes
Basic framing is completed before transporting material to the site. I painted hidden end grains and countersink holes on the front and back walls of the covered portion of the hutch.

covered portion of the rabbit hutch is framed out rough
 Here is the rough framing for the covered section of the hutch.
four walls of the covered portion of the rabbit hutch with siding complete
 Now with siding complete, it begins to feel like home.
framing for the open portion of the rabbit hutch is begun, front door is tested
 The open section is connected and the front door is tested.
rabbit hutch is complete, front / side view
the rabbit hutch is complete, rear door view
The front and back door function with simple block latches.
completed rabbit hutch, front / sode view showing open door / bunny ramp / hutch hatch
The metal roof was cut from a piece of scrap. Most of the fasteners were leftovers or salvage from previous projects. Rubber washer screws, elevator bolts, mesh and fence staples were purchased new.
completed rabbit hutch, rear door open
A big thank you goes out to Don Schjeldahl of Sierra Nevada for the opportunity. And also to the Rimer family for trusting me to build this fun and fulfilling little farm house. If anyone has a truck and an idea, I would love to gather more wood from Mills River and build another dream . . .

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