ReBoot: material pile

boot planters, repurposed boots, recycled boots, upcycled boots, salvaged boots, boot flower planters
  (Mom's old boots)

 Time has certainly been happening for a while since I last published.
As you might expect, material has been piling up, like scrap wood.
What follows is a year in a life, a good year gone by.

decrepit delaminated dresser in desperate need of repair
trappy helper, drippy dresser, delaminted
pinks, dirty teals, drips, faux finished top, selective delamination
This dresser was decrepit, musty, and delaminating. Hours went into rehabbing its function before I could get down to aesthetics. A good helper helped me to an imaginative transformation when we began to peel off the layers. And of course the finished product needed some pink.

Then there was a real job: good while it lasted, a fair share of suffering, plenty of laughter and in the end it ended. I found myself working in very beautiful places. Wonderful old scraps were commonly found and in them I rejoiced.
breathtaking morning sky in Spruce Pine NCframing a new chimney, with views to beautiful mountain countryside
poor Giant Hornet (European Hornet), not Japanese Hornet, does not like painted antennae

As always, I found time to explore my relationship with fire . . .
birth of a star, death of a star? beautiful campfire at Lake Eden Arts Festival, Camp Rockmont, Black Mountain, North Carolina

Beauty abounds.
on a 40 foot extension ladder, the reflection of valleys spills away below Little Switzerland, NC
this green bug is a vibrant katydid, resting on a steel lolly column in Little Switzerland, NC

the worst part of tearing off this old T111 was the thick butyl caulk joints
 At some point I handled much more T111 siding board than ever intended.

standing with god every day on tall scaffolding in Little Switzerland, NC
god in the cool sunset of Little Switzerland in deep autumn

ripped PVC window trim with a cordless Makita circular saw, now I'm covered in snowflakes
I certainly didn't care enough for my health and safety, but here I am still alive.

At times, this work afforded me places of space and of peace.
extension framing for new laundry room, renovation in Little Switzerland, NC

With the family, I visited a workshop of some boatwrights.
fascinating trip to learn how boats are constructed in Fairview, NC
goofy children in the Fairview, NC boat builders' workshop

In Hickory, I trapped four racoons in three days. First came ginormous Purina-fed Rocky and then his perhaps-mate Ramona. Then there was Beezus, Ramona's perhaps-little-sister, pictured below. Yet another, even smaller raccoon was next and I took perhaps-Rocky&Ramona's-lovechild very far away.
Rocky Raccoon, Ramona, and Beezus the raccoon family exiled from Hickory, NC
After this Rocky and Ramona returned and we had a serious talk in which Rocky was told they should never come back. And they never did.

With Justin and Charlie I helped repair roof, soffit, fascia, and rafter tails on a much-loved old family getaway on Lake Norman. We also cleared much brush and fashioned a new cover for the pump house.
scaffolding on a Lake Norman lake house in need of serious repair to rafter tails, soffit, fascia, roof, etc.
Charlie is the dog.

Justin visited me in Asheville when I learned that Sierra Nevada Brewing Company is giving away very good crate lumber. As massive equipment and machinery are unpacked at their new east coast flagship in Mills River, high-grade mostly-German crates are free for the taking. Don, the Site Manager, gave me a little tour and a run-down of the incredible efforts they are making to reduce the impact on the environment.
amazing kiln-dried crate lumber from Germany for the shipping of top-tier fermentation and distilling equipment at Sierra Nevada's Mills River Brewery, Asheville, NC
(a very small sample of what is available)
yes these are almost nine-inch-nails
 (note the size of the nails)
my son holds one side of a giant pallet from Germany, used for shipping equipment to the USA
Pictured above is one of the helpers who moved my share of the booty upstairs.
messy pile of boards cut off from several industrial pallets used to ship equipment from Europe to the new Mills River Brewery for Sierra Nevada

I took on a week of work on my Mom's land, a general farm-and-garden variety: replaced a barn-post, cleaned and repaired metal roof and gutters, built raised beds, mixed trenches for asparagus, hauled well over two tons of fieldstone down a steep mountain pasture with a wheelbarrow, and hung a new swing.
Tomoko swings on the farm swing I hung in Fleetwood, NC / Jefferson, NC
I even managed to make it all fun!

Now it may seem impossible, but my next caged animal is even cuter than the last:
Clover the Bunny is extrememly soft and furry and cuddly
Clover the Bunny now has a new home, built almost entirely from Sierra Nevada pallet boards.
Clover the Bunny is now big pimpin' Sierra Nevada crate style mutha-
 This one will definitely be getting a dedicated post before long.

And finally, awhile back I was inspired by this hardwood floor in a little furniture shop, old and honest.
inspiring hardwood end-grain rough-sawn flooring at Woody's Chair shop, Spruce Pine, NC
 And now I know to what end.
end grain slices of aged Southern Red Cedar for a new end table design
More to come as it progresses . . .

] j [

ps -I believe the "tea-biscuits" in the last image are aged Southern Red Cedar. I'm slicing them from a rough sawn timber cutoff I found in a closet tear out. I'm not an expert on ID-ing hardwoods so if anyone has a better idea, let's hear it. But let's not belabor the identification, or we might end up like this guy.

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